• Technology to Improve Calf Muscle Contraction

    VEINOPLUS® stimulation is a patented technology for the stimulation of the calf muscles.It brings the best benefits from our calf-muscle pump, also known as our Second Heart!


    Thanks to its unique stimulation pattern designed by Dr Jozef Cywinski, one of the world experts in EMS, VEINOPLUS® devices offer a widely recognized comfortable stimulation.


    To date, 25 studies evaluating VEINOPLUS® technology have been published in scientific journals and presented at 49 international congresses.


    All our devices are hand-held, easy-to-use and deliver extremely low energy to the body (well below International Standards), so they target a large market of users.


Pall-Thai Medical is spearheaded by a medical doctor who is passionate about healthcare, particularly vascular health. He stumbled upon Veinoplus® during his search for a simple, yet effective remedy for pain caused by venous insufficiency. Fast forward 15 years, Pall Thai is now the sole authorised distributor of Veinoplus® in Malaysia with hundreds of satisfied patients.




Pall-Thai Medical is managed by qualified specialists who have in-depth knowledge in the field of vascular health, giving them the expertise to provide personalised advice to patients.


Developed by Dr. Jozef Cywinski, an expert in the field of electrical stimulation of human tissues, Veinoplus® is a pocket-sized device that uses electro-muscular stimulation technology to trigger deep calf muscles contractions.


The efficacy of Veinoplus® as a device to treat calf muscle pump dysfunction is backed by numerous scientific researches.


VEINOPLUS® is a medical electrical muscle stimulator (CE mark, Class IIa) that delivers specific low frequency and low voltage stimulation impulses. The rates of stimulated muscle pulsations caused by these impulses, range from 60 to 105 beats-per-minute and mimic natural heart rates.
VEINOPLUS® stimulator is one of the safest on the market. The impulses from VEINOPLUS® carry very low quantity of electricity. This quantity is below any international safety standards including United States AAMI/ANSI NS-4 Standard.
VEINOPLUS® is contra-indicated for people with cardiac pacemakers.
Many clinical studies realized in France, in the USA and in Russia proved the efficiency of VEINOPLUS® in different symptoms of venous disease (see Clinical Data).
VEINOPLUS® has a complementary action to compression. VEINOPLUS® relieves pain almost immediately. VEINOPLUS® can be a useful alternative to compression especially when wearing socks or stockings is difficult (summer period excess weight etc.). Follow the recommendations of your doctor in terms of compression.


Thanks to VEINOPLUS Sport for providing our players with these high tech recovery e-stim units. Pre-game, halftime and post-game, our Spirit muscular recovery has not been better! # MuscularRecovery
Washington Spirits

Veinoplus Sport helps me recover during the training. I use it on my legs and sometimes on my arms after heavy sessions to recover locally on these muscles (biceps, forearms ...) I apply it immediately after training and once in the evening at home, while watching a movie. The Veinoplus has a real recovery effect; I feel more relaxed and light. I use it while traveling as well in order to avoid the feeling of heavy legs.
Steeve Guenot

"With VeinoPlus Sport, I have discovered a very efficient electro stimulation method! Easy-to-use, convenient to carry and very efficient, VeinoPlus Sport has become essential during my travels. During a 3 weeks coaching training , I used VeinoPlus Sport mostly on the calves in the afternoon, in order to recover from my personal training and my physical training activities in the morning. VeinoPlus Sport enabled me to better assimilate those training sessions and to optimize my recovery, despite the hot weather, the sandy paths and the roads. The next steps of my preparation: 2-3 weeks in the mountains, where VeinoPlus Sport will be my recovery partner!! I will update my testimonial about the use of the device duiring more intense training sessions.
Benoit Holzerny

I often use Veinoplus Sport on calves for a whole-body recovery. Sometimes, I use it on hamstrings, when I feel muscle soreness, and it really helps me a lot. Every evening, after my training session, I use Veinoplus Sport for a better recovery. I accelerates my recovery and I can perform better at training.During contests, I use the device while travelling, before a race or between two events. It improves my muscles' oxygenation and helps me feel better.
Muriel Hurtis