The Recovery Product for Cristiano Ronaldo CR7

Cristiano has the solution for tendonitis in the knee that has been bothering him for months. It is a product that helps improve muscle recovery after efforts during a match

It is known that Cristiano Ronaldo has been suffering pain in one of his knees for a while. Is that the striker, of great 2016 so far, has tendonitis and it seems that the recovery of the Portuguese crack never comes to fruition, despite different medical advice.The product arrived at an ideal time: prior to the semifinals and the definition in the League

Since the end of the 2013/2014 season that CR7 suffers an injury in the left knee , so the figure of the merengue club was in need of acquiring a product that helps him to definitely relieve his ills. CR7 ordered the Veinoplus Sport electrostimulator. Ronaldo received the product last week after it was sent from Monaco by his good friend Fabio Coentrao, the Portuguese side assigned, who recommended the purchase. Cristiano Ronaldo has scored 10 goals in his last 5 games at the Bernabà ©

What is the product about? It is a new device that helps improve muscle recovery after efforts during a match. In addition it collaborates with the blood circulation. In this way, he intends to solve the problems he has been dragging in his left knee for a long time.