The last whim of Cristiano Ronaldo

The Real Madrid end Cristiano Ronaldo is so obsessed with his body that he does not repair expenses in order to extend his sports career . In its constant search for the source of the eternal youth , the Madrid star has just bought a new whim with which he intends to resolve once and for all the tendonitis in his left knee that martyrizes him from the final stretch of the 2013 season- 2014.

According to the ‘OKdiario’ portal, Cristiano has just acquired the Veinoplus Sport electrostimulator . He received it last week after his good friend Fabio Coentrao sent him from Monaco, the Portuguese side assigned by Real Madrid. With this device, which contributes to improving muscle recovery after efforts and activating blood circulation , Cristiano intends to solve the discomfort that he carries on his left knee.

At 31, the Portuguese is doing everything possible to keep his body ready and thus extend his football career as much as possible . Cristiano dedicates many hours throughout the week to work in the gym and in the pool that he has at home.