Veinoplus® V.I. is used to relieve symptoms caused by Venous Insufficiency, regardless of the severity of the condition. This ‘magic’ device increases blood circulation and improves venous return, as well as, reduce venous stasis, leg pain, leg swelling (oedema) and night cramps. Veinoplus® can be used by everyone, but is most recommended for people with the following conditions/lifestyle:

  • Varicose veins
  • Family history of venous insufficiency
  • Job that requires prolonged sitting or standing
  • Lack physical activities
  • Excessive weight
  • Pregnancy
Veinoplus® V.I. can be used daily, preferably by the end of the day. Each session will last for 30 minutes. There is no risk of overuse, therefore, it can be used frequently.


  • Increase of blood circulation
  • Improvement of venous return
  • Reduction of venous stasis
  • Treatment of symptoms of Venous Insufficiency or Post-Thrombotic Syndrome
  • Reduction of pain sensations in legs
  • Reduction of leg swelling(oedema)
  • Improvement in the healing of venous ulcers
  • Decrease of restless legs and night cramps

WHEN TO USE Veinoplus® VI

  • Treatment
  • Prevention

situations at risk:

  • Prolonged standing or sitting Leg immobilisation
  • Varicose veins
  • Long haul flights
  • Excessive weight
  • Pregnancy

Symptoms of Venous Insufficiency:

  • Aching legs
  • Swollen legs (edema)
  • Venous ulcers
  • Night cramps
  • Restless legs


Veinoplus Muscle stimulator Massage Device
Electric Current 5 μcoul < 25 μcoul N/A
Wave Form Patented Square N/A
Muscle Stimulate Stimulate surface and deep muscle Only surface muscle is stimulated Only surface muscle is stimulated
Clinical Studies Many clinical proof N/A N/A
Relief of Foot Swollen Swollen level decreased by 425% N/A N/A


  1. Apply the electrodes on the concerned leg (or legs), in a sitting or semi-recumbent position
  2. Increase VI the intensity slowly and treat the progressively, in order to see and feel deep muscle contractions ll stages of
  3. Easy-to-use: one single program, automatic effective in shutdown after 30 minutes. ur venous
  4. No risk of overuse: the more you use the device, the better!

Calf muscles are considered as a peripheral heart the Second Heart@ VEINOPLUS@ V.I. is a medical electro-stimulation device with therapeutic effects upon various traveling symptoms of Venous Insufficiency. These effects have been demonstrated and documented in several clinical studies made since 2004 in France, UK, USA and Russia. Over 100 000 people with venous problems in 40 countries have already chosen the technology VEINOPLUS® VI

  • Reduced Mobility
  • Weight Excess
  • Standing Position
  • Immobility
  • Travel